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 The best in tube guitar and bass amplifier servicing.

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You’ve reached the home page of JEFF . The best in tube guitar and bass amplifier servicing. Hi and thanks for visiting the site.

With 25+ years in the design and repair of tube amplification for local, regional and national players and companies, you now have access to a level of experience not held by many in the industry. Welcome. Let’s get you sounding great!

Whether you have an amp that needs repair, or you wish your amp could just do a little more, I can help. Amp smoked at the gig last night? Wish it would just go to “11”? No problem. Want to get your vintage amp sounding like it should? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve done countless numbers of repairs over the years, which gives me the experience to know how and why most gear fails. It’s also taught me to execute a repair or modification that will withstand the rigors of touring, even if your most important gig is in your music lounge with your buds on Friday night.

The following pages simply contain a brief overview of the  basic products and services I am associated with.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with inquiries about your particular needs. Unless it’s extremely urgent, just drop me an email at and I’ll get back with you as quickly as possible regarding your situation. Thanks and Have a Great Day,



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