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EAST Amplification

EAST Amplification. My next foray into crafting fantastic sounding and feeling guitar amps!

After leaving Budda, I again began my new company with a low powered amp, but now the moniker of “low power” has taken on a different meaning. It has now receded into the “under 5 watt” range; Amplifiers that are preferred by the small studio and home recording enthusiast. Seeing this new trend, but knowing that most of the available “low watt” amps were of the basic, no frills type (ex.- volume and tone control), I decided to produce the most versatile amplifier I could provide to this market, so I designed the EAST Studio2.  A full featured 2 watt amp, loaded with plenty of available gain and a full complement of gain, volume and tone controls. A unique push pull output stage based around a pair of 12AT7’s (a tube typically used in preamp stages), coupled with the full featured front end, gives this amp the sound and feel much larger amps but at a manageable volume.

Check out the Studio2, along with the rest of the EAST product line (Club18, Theatre30, Heads, Combo’s, Extension cabs including the new 12/10 Cabinet, all loaded with proprietary EAST Reference10 and Reference12 Drivers), at . Also search East Amplification on YouTube for video demo’s posted by EAST players. And you can always reach me at  for ordering info, pricing, lead time, or any questions.

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