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 The best in tube guitar and bass amplifier servicing.

General Amp Servicing

Whether you have just one amp for servicing,


       Or a pile of amps you’ve been accumulating over the years,

now is the time for amplifier resurrection! From a good Tune-Up and biasing, to troubleshooting and repair, it’s generally more cost effective to have an amp serviced than it is to replace it. Have an amp that you loved, but haven’t been playing it for a while because it had a little problem, or just doesn’t sound quite right? Sometimes all it takes is a good Tune-Up and biasing to get it performing and sounding better. Go a step further and have a new set of tubes installed and biased and the amp could sound and feel better than it ever has! And it’s all generally less than the expense of finding a quality replacement.

If all the electronics are performing properly but the amp still doesn’t have the punch or shimmer that it once had, it may be time for a speaker replacement. Installing a new speaker or speakers is often the biggest improvement that can be made to an older amp. Old speakers can be worn causing the amp to sound anemic. The result of a new speaker installed in an old amp is usually quite astounding!

Of course, occasionally a component will fail, be it a resistor, capacitor or transformer, but if it’s “the” amp that has “Your Sound”, you owe it to yourself to have it repaired… and you owe it to the amp to have it done by the best! Be it a minor repair or a complete overhaul, give me a call.

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