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The Budda Connection

If you own a Budda Amp, there is quite simply no one more qualified to service your amp than I am. NO ONE!

Budda had its beginnings in the mid ‘90’s with a first offering that would become the predecessor to what would become the low wattage amp revolution.  I was there at the inception of the company. I co-owned the company. I designed and built the very first 18 watt Budda Twinmaster Ten and its subsequent siblings. I hand built, bench tested, sound checked and shipped countless numbers of Budda Amps. No one knows Budda Amps better than I do and no one can give you the degree of service that I can. Be it a simple fix or a possible modification you’re considering, have it done by someone who is intimately familiar with your prized tone generating apparatus.  Why would you take it anywhere else?

Also, that BudWah pedal on your pedal board? Yeah, I designed that too. Service it? Of course!

Feel free to contact me regarding any repair needs you may have for your Budda Amp.

Disclaimer: I am no longer associated with the current owners of Budda Amplification; therefore I cannot honor any possible warranty status associated with Budda Amplification or its products.


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